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About me.

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

HI, I'm Lana!

I'm a professonal photographer and retoucher based in West London and I specialize in a family and portrait photoshooting.

I have loved photography all my life! I remember my feelings and emotions, when I got my first professional camera, it was in 2000 and I was very happy! After that I attended many professional courses and classes to master my profession and improve my skills. I'm learning something new every day, discovering the wonders of the world with my clients. Photography is a kind of job which changes all the time and changes the world around us, helping to spot the hidden gems of your personality and individuality. Photography is a skill that has no end! So, I'm a master and I'm a student.

I love family photography and videography so much, and I love children. I have many roles, except the professional ones: I’m mom of a daughter, a wife, and an animal lover; our family have a small funny doggy!

So, if you have pets, please, bring them to the photoshoot! They are a part of our life!

During each photosession I think...

What do I talk about in my photos?

I talk about feelings! I am telling stories about families, children, women, men, pets and animals, events and even objects.

For more information and details of my packages, shoots or any queries, please, text me or contact me by 07365395407

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