• Lana Kucher

What to wear for Christmas photo session.

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

1. Jackets, hats (fur, knitted or christmas), gloves and scarves. Fur cape or coat. Clothing follows the winter season.

2. Christmas sweaters and pajamas with same or similar print. Checked shirts.

Pay attention, all family is wearing shoes or all family without shoes!

3. Colors.

Red color is very good choice because it suits to green Christmas tree. White color is assosiate with snow.

Very nice are gold and silver colors. Some good combinations: green+red, red+blue+green (or + white, beige, yellow). Please use 3 colors, not more.

4. Don't be over realistic.

Be fun and fairy. Use your fantasy. Christmas is time for miracle.

5. Be elegant and stylish.

6. Be natural.

7. Family outfits.

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