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What to wear? What to bring?

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

This is a question that is usually being asked before photosession, but don't worry about this! I can help you and give you some advice:

To start with.

We have to choose a colour of your outfit. You can choose 1-2 neutral colours for your basic/capsule wardrobe (beige, grey, white etc). Then add 1-2 complimentary colours. This is where is a great place to start looking for. You can also choose colours that compliment your location. For family photosession start with mom's outfit and build around that. Baby will look cute in almost anything, so choose something you feel confident and look great in! (Assuming you're the mom reading this...)

Don't match too much!

The best advice I can give you is to have a color scheme of about 3 colors, perhaps 4. Note, that in a family photoshoot, colours should not argue, but complement with each other. Pay attention to the accents! For example, if one of the family members wear red glasses, other should wear red hat or tie. But your can choose only one colour to accent!

Be careful!

Be careful with patterns but don't be afraid of them! Try and think more about the texture and less about the pattern. E.g.: I’m not a big fan of thin stripes, they tend to do odd things to your eyes on the screen and in print... But I do really love floral pattens on dresses, just make sure all the colors are in your colour palette.


You should be comfortable in what you’re wearing. Jeans are timeless! But a long dress for a woman is fantastic! Be stylish! If the photosession is a family one, all the people should be dressed in one of the styles: casual, boho, classic, elegant etc.


Accessories are very important, they do not only help to add colours to photographs, they can even change a general appearence in your photos and add some peculiar details (think about cardigans, hats and scarves, jewellery, umbrellas, teddies, blankets etc – bring them with you!

Something for children.

You can bring: monophonic blanket of the calm tone, toys, hats, balloons, a bubble blower, flowers, food (lollipop, apple, ice-cream, cookie etc), and of course your pets!

Some basic guides.

- Shoes do matter! Try to match shoe style for all the family members.

- Avoid being over matchy-matchy, ideally everyone should have some variations in the colours but colours should be suitable.

- Usually kids can be wearing brighter colours than other members of the family.

- No text/logos/graphics on the clothing, please! Exception can be only for the children.

- Not necessarily all the family should be wearing jeans. Mix up texture and colour. E.g.: girls in skirts and boys in chinos, while dad is wearing jeans etc.

- When choosing whites, make sure they are the same tone of white! Not stark white and off-white, this will usually look weird when put all together...

- If you have very little kids, bring some spare clothes, just in case.

Don't forget.

- Baby wipes

- Hair brush

- Lip gloss / lipstick

- Hair accessories

- Iron your clothes

- Clean hair and nails

- Use sunscreen

Examples of the outfits below.

Please use this color wheel of Itten to know the most suitable combinations.

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